Week of March 30: Zoom Virtual Meetings and Virtual Conference Room

BRIDGE Local Zoom Virtual Meetings & Virtual Conference Room Week of March 30

Important Announcement for BRIDGE Insiders! This week we’re opening a BRIDGE Local “Zoom Virtual Conference Room.”  We are now offering Insiders the opportunity to sign up to facilitate a session at the time of their choice once a week for an open meeting on a topic related to their industry or area of expertise.

We’re all here to support one another, and now we have a way to open the doors to online conversations, throughout this challenging time!

If you are an industry expert offering B2B services, or if you are a consultant, coach or content expert, and would like to volunteer to host a Zoom Virtual Conference Room  session, please let us know! (For now, please send a message to the Bridge Local page) with a topic and time….

For your convenience, we have created a Public Google Calendar to make it easy to see what events are coming up, so you can easily add them to your personal calendars each week. 

If you’d like to host a session in the Virtual Conference Room, find an open meeting time on the BRIDGE Local Zoom Meetings calendar – located here:  ? gobrdg.co/open-zoom-meetings

This week’s lineup for the virtual conference room:

Monday at 9:00 Coffee & Zoom with Rob Arturi

Monday at 11:00 Live in the NOW with Jared Weggeland

Thursday at 12:00 Marketing Strategy with Craig Hosking

Other Scheduled Zoom Meetings:

Monday at 3:00 – Summary and Key Takeaways of the CARES Act with Sam Houghton

Tuesday: Crisis Management & Mental Health with Jason Weiland

Tuesday at 3:00 with Representative Ross Spano

Wednesday – Resilient Entrepreneur Part 2 at 11:30 with Kelly Andrews (Insiders Only Meeting)