Frequently Asked Questions

A:  Promotional posts include, but are not limited to, any of the following:
  • Job Postings
  • Posts with links to outside websites
  • Posts with links to other social media channels/ Facebook pages
  • Photos of business assets (ie. trucks, vans, signs, business cards)
  • Posts soliciting members to join other Facebook groups or organizations
  • All other posts created with the intention to increase awareness of a business or brand within the marketplace
  • Posts soliciting sponsors or donations for events or GoFundMe campaigns for individuals or non-profit organizations. 
If you would like to join BRIDGE Local as an Insider and begin promoting your business or organization in the public forum, please visit this link.

A: Every existing paid LBL member has automatically been converted to an ACCESS membership ($300/year) for the balance of the current membership period. (For example: If your membership renewal date is November 7, 2019, you have been converted to a BRIDGE Local ACCESS member until your membership expires.)

A: If you do not recall when you joined LBL, please send us a message or call our office. We will check our database and provide you with the details of your membership. Office: 863-606-5994 email:

A: If, at the end of your LBL membership period you have not joined BRIDGE Local at any level, we will attempt to contact you via email and/or phone to confirm you do not wish to join BRIDGE. Non-renewed members will be removed from the BRIDGE Local Insiders Group weekly, and their directory listings will be deleted from our website.

A: Effective July 1, 2019, we launched BRIDGE Local, a new business entity, completely separate from Lakeland Business Leaders. The costs of infrastructure and resources to run this community have increased greatly since we offered the Charter Membership in 2010, therefore Charter Memberships have ended.
We appreciate the support of the Charter members immensely, and are considering new ways we can continue to show our appreciation to them if they choose to join us as BRIDGE Local Insiders.
A: Absolutely not! The ACCESS Package level is $300/year, and each LBL membership has been automatically converted to this level.
Additionally, all of the additional features that were available on our previous directory have been included with ALL levels of membership. Businesses that were “Complete” members will be added as a “Featured” business listing on our home page, for the remainder of their membership period.

A: With BRIDGE Local, you will create a new account so that you can manage and update your BRIDGE membership. In order to make a fresh start with BRIDGE, we manually converted your listings from Lakeland Connection, but we did not carry over your account login details. 

A: Through our experience with Lakeland Business Leaders, we discovered that many of our members would create an account, pay for their membership, but leave most of the fields of the directory blank. With BRIDGE Local, we will be managing your directory listing for you, so that we can make sure all of the necessary information about your business is completed, and accurate, so customers can contact you directly, and our members can get the most value from their membership! 
If you need to update the details of your business listing, you can fill out the form here and our team will get the updates made for you within (1) business day. You will receive an email from our support team when your updates have been published.