BRIDGE takes word of mouth to the next level by making it fun and easy for businesses to be seen by local customers while strengthening their professional network!

Benefits of BRIDGE Membership

What is an “Insider” and How Do I Sign up?
An Insider is any member of the BRIDGE Forum – Facebook group (found here: who has paid an annual membership fee to be included as a featured business on

Choose from different levels of membership!

  • As a BRIDGE Online Insider, we recognize your need to connect in the digital space. If you’re serious about your business and the connections you’ve made online, then a BRIDGE Online Insider membership is perfect for you!
  • Are you someone that values both online connection and in-person meetings? If so, you’ll love the Access Package! With this membership, you’re enjoying all the great benefits of the Online Package + Access to ALL BRIDGE Meet & Greet Events free of charge, but the benefits don’t stop there!
  • Are you someone that jumps at every opportunity to connect your business and knowledge with our greater community? Look no further! Our Expert Plus Membership is for those that want to share their expertise and knowledge with those that are most hungry to learn, build their skills, and grow. These members understand the importance of an online presence mixed with the authenticity that only in-person connections can provide.

Note: Advertising Opportunities affiliated with BRIDGE Local will ONLY be available to Insiders.