Getting Started with BRIDGE Local

If you’re wondering how BRIDGE Local works (or how to make BRIDGE Local work for you), here are some of the best practices shared with us from veteran Insiders, as well as the BRIDGE Local Team!

  1. Are You Right for BRIDGE? This community is designed for businesses in the local community who want to make authentic connections that will enhance the economic landscape of our area. Everyone can contribute something meaningful to the conversation – but it requires a desire to connect and a willingness to work together to make our city a better place.If you’re looking for a place to simply promote your business without connecting or supporting the community, this is not the group for you.
    BRIDGE Local is not for everyone. If you do not believe this community is for you, you are free to remove yourself from the group at any time.
  2. Contribute to the conversation – “Give First” Giving is the best way to receive. When you join the forum, we recommend that you find ways to contribute to the conversation; encourage others, give generously, then, when you ask for support, you will more likely be successful in asking others to help you.
  3. Your posts may be missed.  Assume everyone in the group is very busy. Facebook may not be their top priority – and they might not see your post. While there are over 9,000 members in this community, not all of them will see your posts. The threads in the Facebook group move fast, and sometimes your posts may not receive any comments. This is not personal, but it might be a sign that you are not connecting with the other members of the group. Before you give up on us, please consider getting more involved in conversations started by other members of the group.
  4. “Buy my stuff” does not work here.  Every business owner wants to succeed. BRIDGE is an excellent way to build connections and establish a rapport with the community. If you are a BRIDGE Insider, an occasional offer or promotion is encouraged, but the sure fire way to be completely ignored is to bombard the newsfeed with repetitive sales posts.
  5. Bring Value! The key to success in BRIDGE is to bring VALUE and to become a resource for the other members so that they can learn more about you in a natural, organic, AUTHENTIC way. Consider the 80/20 rule – 80% of your posts should be relationship-building and 20% should be about promoting your business.
  6. BRIDGE is powered by its Insiders. Businesses in this group are able to receive referrals and leads without upgrading to Insider status. When using BRIDGE to select or refer a business, please consider becoming an Insider first. It’s our Insiders’ commitment to BRIDGE that makes this group successful!
  7. Stay Connected: Visit our website, Join our Email and Text Club! Our website is a valuable source of business-related content – from events, to blog posts, to trainings and recorded meetings.
  8. Subscribe to our Communications! In order to get the most out of your membership – stay connected with the activities and content that we are sharing! You can subscribe to our email newsletter from the BRIDGE Local website or opt in to our SMS Text Club by sending the text “BRIDGELocal” to 51660.