Why pivoting isn’t so bad

When life throws us COVID-19-covered lemons, we have to pivot. 2020 brought challenges that no one could have anticipated. But, after our latest Mastermind Meeting, we have to admit – these changes made as a result of COVID-19 haven’t been all bad.

Yesterday, we asked a small yet mighty group of entrepreneurs this: Why and how are you pivoting? Here’s what they had to say.

Editor’s note: Quotes have been lightly edited for clarity and length.

It opens your eyes to what’s not working

“Last year I was too invested in certain things and I lost sight of the bigger picture. I’m trying to find balance.” – Tiffany Anderson, Project BRIDGE at Eckerd

“Some of the admin side of my business fell off the plate. In 2021, I plan on being more strategic with my bookkeeping and scheduling. I’ve invested in Honeybook and it’s helped a lot. Business is great and I’m almost overbooked!” – Jasmine Decelle, Jasmine Decelle

“I’m saying goodbye to my cell phone and using my notebook for notes. I’m also going back to the way I want to do things instead of listening to negative feedback from people who suggest what I can and cannot do.” – Carine Mulhall, Sunny Days Pet Resort

I find myself all over the place now. I’m not able to stay focused on one thing for more than a short period of time. I need to be focused and consistent this year.” – Brenda DiBiase, Express Employment Professionals

It sparks new ideas and creativity

“We were known for being the high-end balloon people for conventions and other large events. We are now trying to help the market who throws smaller events and has a smaller budget. Therefore, we had to revamp our website.” – Joette Giardina, Party People Events

Krisula Gause started her walking tour company, Krisula Gause Walking Tours, and all of her clients cancelled in January due to COVID-19. During our meeting, she asked others for ideas on how to pivot and they offered some solid suggestions:

“Consider creating a map or PDF of the tour that people can pay for.” – Joette Giardina, Party People Events.

“Offer virtual tours!” – Frank Castiglione, Digital Architects

“Try writing a blog.” Brenda DiBiase, Express Employment Professionals

It helps you realize your passion

“I started my business last January to help others with business development. I love marketing and design so I started developing brand identities and such. I’ve realized I want to get more into business development coaching and consulting so I’ve started branching out.” – Frank Castiglione, Digital Architects

“I have a heart for coaching so I’m going to get my certification for ADHD coaching.” – Isabelle Baker, Catapult

It allows you to connect with others

A lot of our group ended up making connections as a result of pivoting their business. Some of them even made connections during our meeting (which is our ultimate hope for these meetings)!

We want these conversations and connections to continue, so we hope you join us for our next Mastermind Meeting! Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for future events.