Are you an innovator, laggard, or something in between?

If you find yourself being one of the first people to adopt something new in your industry and you’re always willing to take big risks, you may be considered an “innovator”. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you find yourself last in line to try something new and could care less for making big changes, odds are you fit in with the “laggards”. 

During our latest Mastermind Meeting, we asked our awesome group of entrepreneur friends which group they feel fits them best: Innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, or the laggards (if you’d like some further context on each group, click here). 


The reasoning behind this particular topic is because oftentimes the laggards and the late majority businesses find themselves closing shop when a crisis occurs (such as the COVID-19 pandemic). As the game changes, we have to change our mindsets to start thinking about how we are going to survive. You either have to hire someone to teach you, or hire someone in your staff to help you adapt.

We alone can’t wear all of the hats, as much as we’d like to think we can. We must adapt to new technology and new business opportunities, as well as look at ways we’ve done our business and adjust. 

Editor’s Note: Quotes have been lightly edited for clarity and length.

The Innovator

“I’d say I’m an innovator or early adopter considering I spent the entire night last night trying to learn video. It’s exhausting! However, I’m going to try to keep this momentum going because it works.” – Lisa Welsh, Vitality Farms Company

The Early Adopters

“So much of my work is online; I work with content creators and thought leaders all of the time. They are fast so I have to be fast. If it wasn’t for my job, I’d be a laggard.” – Isabelle Baker, Isabelle Media

“I’m an early adopter. I’d love to be an innovator but I don’t feel like I’m there yet.” – Dianne Kaplan, 1st Priority Staffing 

“I’m an early adopter. I like to see people go through a new product or service before I invest my time and energy into it. If there are bugs, I like to see those get addressed before I start working with whatever I’m adopting. I think being an innovator has the potential for the highest ceiling of success.” – Jon Camargo, Maximize Digital Media

Early Majority

“I’m in the early majority. I like to do something when I know that it’s working. I like to know what to expect.” Geoffrey Baris, Photographer

The In-betweeners & Undecided

It just depends on the situation. I’m the late majority for technology because it doesn’t come easy to me. However, I’m the early majority when it comes to business opportunities, value proposition, etc.” – Clarke Freed, Freed & Associates

“With social media, I’m probably the first person to sign up for an account and not use it until there are tutorials; ‘When in doubt, someone’s already figured it out.’” – Jasmine Decelle, Jasmine Decelle Branding & Design

I’m learning to be a risk-taker. Business ownership has taught me to do this. I’ve made some big changes and things are blowing up because of that.” – Katie Yates, Paragon Cleaning

“I’m scared about taking some risks but I have great support.” – Teresa O’Brien, Help(her)

Transitioning from Laggards to Innovators

“Polk County folks are thought to be laggards and slow to adopt new trends & technologies. I don’t want us to be known for that. Instead, my vision is for us to be drivers in thought leadership and entrepreneurship.

This is why I’ve applied for a Clubhouse club called “E-ship in the 863 (Polk County)”. I’d love for young, innovative thought leaders to join this club so that we can start having these important discussions.” – Chrissanne Long, Maximize Digital Media & BRIDGE Local

Closing thoughts

Which group (or groups) do you think you fit in with? Let us know and join us for our next Mastermind Meeting on Thursday, February 4! We’ll see you there.