Online vs Access vs Expert Plus Level Memberships

Navigating the world of small business can be difficult and even trying at times, but becoming a BRIDGE Local Insider doesn’t have to be. If you’ve ever been on the fence about what level of membership is right for you and your business, read on and become a BRIDGE Local Insider today!

The transition from Lakeland Business Leaders to BRIDGE Local brought about a host of changes and improvements as to how we handle our memberships. In the past, our one-size-fits-all membership levels failed to accommodate for the specific needs of our Insiders.

While some members frequented our monthly events and in-person networking opportunities, others used their membership to network in a different way: online. For reference, our BRIDGE Local Public Forum has grown to over 9,300 members as of the time of writing, and it doesn’t seem to slowing anytime soon.

To provide a better overall experience for our Insiders, we’ve restructured our membership levels so that you can choose what options and resources your business needs to succeed. Read on to see what’s offered at each level of membership!

Online Level

  • Ability to post promotional content in the BRIDGE Local Public Forum
  • 2 seats in the members-only BRIDGE Local Insiders Group
  • FREE Attendance for 2 Team Members at Networking Events
  • A listing in our BRIDGE Local Directory
  • Verification for your business
  • Live customer support

Access Level

  • Everything from the Online Level +
  • FREE attendance to ALL Monthly Meet & Greets
  • FREE Attendance to 2 BRIDGE Signature Workshops
  • Attendance to Special BRIDGE Events
  • Access to ALL Online Events, Webinars, and Virtual Meetings
  • Option to Sponsor any BRIDGE Event ($250)
  • 2 Promotional pieces for your business

Expert Plus Level

  • Everything from the Online & Access Level +
  • 5 seats in the members-only BRIDGE Local Insiders Group
  • FREE Attendance for up to 5 Team Members at Networking Events
  • Hosting and Speaking Opportunities
  • Option to Host Meet & Greets or Workshops*
  • 4 Promotional Posts from BRIDGE Local for your business*
  • 1 Done For You Advertisement*

* Additional fees may apply.
**Promotions and Advertisements for Expert members are placed upon request. Please contact to discuss your business’s specific needs.

Whether you’re networking online or off, we’ve got a membership level that’s just right for you and your business. If you want to get started and make the jump, connecting with hundreds of other like-minded individuals in our small business community, you can visit the link below and join BRIDGE today!