LBL Inaugural Campaign of Giving

A Campaign of Giving - Lakeland Business Leaders

A Campaign of Giving – Lakeland Business Leaders

The year, 2017, is coming to a close. This will forever be the year that we started something new, and important. This might be a long post, but it’s worth reading:

As a business owner, in this community, you pour your heart and soul into the work you do.

You stay late, you cover shifts, you do the hard work. Some call it crazy, but we know it’s the desire to help others, to achieve something for the greater good, to provide for our families, for ourselves, to prove the world wrong. To prove to ourselves just what we can do!

Being a local, small business isn’t glamorous. And, quite frankly, sometimes we feel like we’re alone, unappreciated, unacknowledged, insignificant.

No matter how strong our backbone is, no matter how much grit we have, no matter how much growth we achieve, the only way we really thrive as a business community is together.

That’s why this year, we have decided to work with the United Way of Central Florida to support their annual giving campaign.

Not as individual business owners, not alone.


When I started my business in 2009, I felt embarrassed at how little I could do. What difference could my tiny donation make, compared to the gigantic campaigns that companies like Geico, Publix, Mosaic make each year?

Who would care about the fact that all I could scrape together for my annual gift was $250 – if that?

Today, we can change that feeling of being alone. Today, we can join together and make whatever contributions we can possibly make, no matter how small they may be (as individual businesses) – to make a MUCH BIGGER contribution – together.

Small business is the backbone of this community. The good things we do often get lost in the middle of all of the huge things that are happening…. what if WE could make something huge happen? What if small businesses inLBL and throughout this area were able to raise $25,000 to help the families in our communities? What if we could illustrate just what the “backbone” of the community actually looked like?

Now, we CAN! This campaign allows us to give back to our city, in whatever small, or big ways we can as businesses.

Click this link, and make a charitable contribution to United Way. Receive the tax benefits, as well as the intrinsic benefits that come with giving from the heart. And then, let’s stand together and say – “This is what the backbone of the community stands for. This is who we are.

Because we all know that this is exactly who we are.