Lakeland Business Leaders: Get out there and VOTE!

What does it mean to be a “business leader?” To me, it means more than registering my business on Sunbiz and paying the annual taxes to the city, county, and state. It’s more than certifications, insurance, workman’s comp, payroll, etc. Being a leader means walking the walk, not just talking the talk, or going through the motions. Walking the walk means more than just saying, “I own a business.”

When we become business leaders (and maybe in order to become business leaderswe begin to realize that in order for our voice to matter, we need to actually use our voices. And that means we show up at the polls. I realize that we might not always agree on what who we want to vote for, but I believe the only way to be treated as a business leader is to exercise our right to cast our vote for the people we believe will best serve our needs – as citizens, and as leaders in our community.

So, no matter who you want to vote for or what party you’re affiliated with, please take the time to do your democratic duty and get your votes in today; Florida will thank you later.