Investing In Yourself and Your Community

To the average consumer, the real estate market may seem like some beast of great grandeur, stoically guarding its treasures and secrets away from all but the mightiest warriors.

Wielding Excalibur itself, Franklin Cruz is our community’s champion, dedicated to helping our otherwise overwhelmed and undereducated consumers navigate the perils of the real estate world.

Franklin is the founder and co-CEO of True Investors & True Fast Offer, two companies he runs with his wife & co-CEO Bridgette Cruz.

Together, the pair offer their clients three possible solutions for solving their issues.

For those seeking to make a fast sell, typically for homes in need of major repairs or for homeowners seeking to move out as quickly as possible, the True Fast Offer team utilizes their years of experience to help close a deal fast.

For those that know their property’s worth, there’s the slow sell option, designed to help True Fast Offer’s clients achieve their original home-selling goals.

Finally, the creative sell option provides an unorthodox approach to the home-selling process by coming up with a custom-sell plan for even the most unique of home-selling situations.

Ultimately, Franklin’s sole purpose is to help shift his clients’ problems into a satisfying and memorable experience that they can look back upon happily.

Franklin’s tenacious approach to investing is what sets him apart, earning him the nickname “The Real Estate Drill Sergeant” for his no-nonsense approach paired with his ambitious personality. He doesn’t take no for an answer, something that’s helped him, his clients, and his businesses grow exponentially.

Although his 19+ years of business investment experience is great, it’s the life he leads outside it that fulfills his purpose. He’s a husband, father, community leader, and proud United States Army Veteran. A former TedX speaker, Franklin credits the success he’s had with his personal commitment to God, family, and the businesses he’s had his hand on.

In helping our community members handle the exchange of one of their most valuable assets, Franklin is committed to transforming the lives of others all over the world.

In present day, he spends much of his free time reading, a hobby that’s not just a hobby. Franklin himself is an author of multiple books, the latest of which being a children’s book on early real estate investing.

In terms of BRIDGE Local, Franklin has found a community that’s allowed him to reach more and do more. He’s thankful for our local platform that enables him to help others.

His personal motto is much more than a morning mantra – it’s a lifestyle.

“No Excuses, Make it Happen”

Franklin Cruz
TrueInvestors/ True Fast Offer
5337 N Socrum Loop Suite #446
Lakeland Fl 33809
(813) 296-5634