Xcellence at Work and Play

In all things we do, striving for excellence is key. For Xcellent Xteriors, striving for excellence is nothing less than expected.

Started in 2012, Xcellent Xteriors was created to provide a phenomenal service at a fair and honest price. Run by Marine Corps veteran Ryan Edrington, Xcellent Xteriors serves our community by improving the curb appeal of homes and houses across both Polk and Hillsborough County alike.

“Serving in the military allowed me to realize that I want to serve others,” Ryan shared. “Best way I know to serve others is to start a business.”

Xcellent Xteriors offers a number of services, including:

  • House Wash
  • Roof Wash
  • Driveway Wash
  • Fence Wash
  • Pool Enclosure Wash

Their slogan “better isn’t better, different is better” perfectly explains their fit in the Central Florida niche. Xcellent Xteriors breathes life back into the most unkempt of homes through their certified soft wash approach, carefully carrying away grime and muck without damaging the delicate exterior of your most valuable asset.

For Ryan, work is great, but our community is even greater.

“It’s my home,” Ryan shared in his thoughts about Polk County and the Central Florida area. “10,000,000 people in 100 mile radius.”

Having served a combat tour in Iraq, Ryan’s settled down here among our many swans and lakes with his wife Janeth. Together, the two live for travel and trying out new restaurants, which seem to be in a never-ending supply for those that seek them out.

“I prefer experiences over material things,” he explained.

Getting started with his business here was an experience in and of itself. From getting educated to acquiring the skills necessary to operate a small (but ever-growing) business, Ryan’s tackled any hardships he’s faced with poise, dignity, and resilience all the same.

In helping make Ryan’s workload just a little bit lighter, BRIDGE Local is here to step up to the plate.

“Networking with other business owners has opened up doors that weren’t previously opened,” Ryan shared.

To the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, Ryan hopes that Polk County begins to offer mentorship programs and entrepreneurial education classes in public schools. Yet, no curriculum or hand-holding could ever replace the passion that is the entrepreneurial spirit.

“Dream big and be bold.”

Ryan Edrington
Xcellent Xteriors
3821 Progress Drive Lakeland Florida 33811
(863) 838-6850