Video Services in a Lakeland State of Mind

Professionals of all industries tell stories with their craft. Be they a plumber or an electrician,  their skillful hands and years of experience mold something much greater than themselves.

Meet Andy Johnson of Dark Matter Creative, a company dedicated to providing professional video services for local businesses at fair prices.

He and his wife of one-and-a-half years work together to write, shoot, and produce high quality commercials and marketing videos for businesses in the local market. With their expert-level video equipment and expertise, Dark Matter Creative strives to BRIDGE the gap between professional video services and affordability. 

For Andy, it’s the financial and working freedom of videography that he enjoys the most. A former Apple technician, he graduated from UCF in 2009 and has been doing video production ever since. He’s a licensed drone pilot, a skill that puts Dark Matter Creative a notch above the rest.

When he’s not busy making his clients’ dreams a reality, you can probably find him playing video games, relaxing with his golden doodle, writing comedy, or focusing on some other artistic endeavor. His creative tendencies more than carry over to his craft – they make it what it is.

Born and raised in Central Florida, Andy moved to Polk County to produce marketing videos for the mortgage industry, but stayed to expand his services when he saw the local need for quality video content at an affordable price. In 2019, video is the content of choice for many social media platforms and the algorithms that power them. 

It hasn’t been without its fair share of difficulties, though. From finding clients to establishing trust as a relatively new business, Andy perseveres in an effort to make our community better while making our content better, too. 

In Andy’s search for support, he found BRIDGE. Now an avid Meet & Greet attendee, Andy draws inspiration from the league of small businesses that we’ve cultivated a community upon.

“Bridge Local and BNI are the two best starting places for meeting other business owners and getting your company name out there,” Andy said.

To the businesses that make and shape our community, Dark Matter Creative is here to tell your story – today!

Andy Johnson

Dark Matter Creative LLC

2232 Heritage Dr Lakeland Fl 33805

(407) 913-0357