BRIDGE Local Virtual Conference Room

In this time when collaboration is so important but so…tricky, we’ve decided to roll out the BRIDGE Local Virtual Conference Room. As a BRIDGE Local Insider, you’ve learned that one of the things that makes our group so special is all of our willingness to share ideas, inspire each other, and meet up in order to do so.

While, by this time, you’ve likely joined a video conference call using ZOOM and you may have set up your own account, what you might be missing or struggling with is

  • Delivering your meeting details to your attendees,
  • Easily facilitating the meeting,
  • Access to other BRIDGE Local Insiders that may want to join you but not be aware your meeting is going on

With the BRIDGE Local Virtual Conference Room you can book a time to hold a meeting, much the same as you would a physical conference room in an office space. You can:

  1. Use the Conference Room schedule to find a time that is available for your meeting
  2. Complete the form to reserve your time. When you reserve your time, you’ll get a simple ZOOM Meeting URL to share.

Alternatively, the Virtual Conference Room is a great way for you to browse virtual meetings going on that you may want to attend.

The Conference Room is meant to be a meeting place, where you’re sure to find a mentor, a speaker, an expert, or just a likeminded business owner. Reference this Conference Room schedule to stay in-the-know on what’s coming up and where you can potentially reserve a time for your own meeting.

Schedule a Virtual Conference Room Session

  1. From the calendar below, select the date and time you’d like to schedule your meetingl.
  2. Next, fill in the information about your meeting. This will include meeting title, meeting description/talking points, and your target audience.

This information will help us tell others what you’d like to have a discussion about and why they should join you.

Example of a post we’ll share when promoting your meeting.

Join a Meeting

Browse upcoming scheduled Virtual Conference Room meetings for topics you might be interested in.