Mental health & self-care during COVID-19

Every other week we have the opportunity to feed off of each other’s ideas during our online Co-lab Better Together Mastermind Meetings. During our latest meeting, we dug deep into some personal topics, as well as gave Insider Katie Yates the opportunity to be in the “hot seat” to answer her specific business questions and concerns. 

Editor’s note: Quotes have been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Our Co-Founder Chrissanne Long kicked us off with some things on her heart:

“I love the idea of connectivity and connectedness which is something we’re struggling with during this state of things. Zoom is exhausting. I’m wondering today if we want to talk about how we’re changing it up in our businesses.  

I feel like the challenges we’re dealing with are 10X! We really need to focus on our mental health, how to reinvigorate ourselves, etc. I want to talk about how we’re doing. What are you needing right now?” 

The emotional cost of COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us in some way or another. Here’s how our small business community is feeling right now during these troubling times: 

“Some of us are tired, exhausted…It’s been a challenge for our businesses, our homes…Not sure if we should wear a mask or not..Feeling guilty about going out to eat…Not knowing if we can shake hands with someone or not.” – Clarke Freed, Mulberry Chamber of Commerce

I miss my people. I’m a people person and never did Zoom. Now I have to do these Zoom calls.” – Katie Yates, Paragon Cleaning

“I’ve had more headaches since COVID-19. I started going to therapy in May and so did my family. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We need to talk through this process of what we’re going through this year.” – Teresa O’Brien, Help(her)

“Almost everyone in town is struggling in different ways right now. The fears of the future are starting to weigh on us.” – Clarke Freed, Mulberry Chamber of Commerce

It’s hard to vent to friends and family because some people have it worse than you. You feel guilty.” – Amber Vandenson, Atta Boy! Animal Hospital 

Coping with COVID-19

Chrissanne said it best, “Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Here’s a few tips for coping with COVID-19: 

Three words: Primal Scream Therapy. Go grab a pillow, take a deep breath & scream in your pillow.” – Teresa O’Brien, Help(her)

“Self care is #1! You have to care for yourself before you can care for others.” The Mulberry Chamber of Commerce hosted a webinar with Emily Rogers who spoke about the emotional cost of COVID-19. Check out her webinar here. – Clarke Freed, Mulberry Chamber of Commerce

Switching gears to the “Hot Seat” with Katie Yates

Midway through the meeting, we decided to switch gears so that we could address some of Katie Yates’ questions and concerns regarding her small business:

“I keep hearing that I need to set up systems and processes. And now as my business grows and is set quickly, I’m seeing the need to even more. But how? Am I overcomplicating it?” 

Here’s what our group of small business owners had to say:

Writing it down is the first step…Once it’s written, you have something concrete to share with someone (like a coach, business expert, etc.). That’s where you start.” – Chrissanne Long, BRIDGE Local 

“I reached out to Facebook groups and asked if anyone had an SOP process or handbook that they’d be willing to share or sell. With that, I found a business coach for our industry that had an SOP manual for sale. I chose to invest in that to get those basic blocks.” – Amber Vandenson, Atta Boy! Animal Hospital

“One way to start is taking a look at anything in your business that is repeatable. Can you systemize that process (ex: create templates)?” – Clarke Freed, Mulberry Chamber of Commerce

Connect with other entrepreneurs!

One of the best ways to to take care of yourself during this time is to reach out to others for help and guidance! Join us during our next Mastermind Meeting. Click here to be redirected to our events calendar for upcoming event reminders!