Lakeland Business Leaders is now BRIDGE Local

Here’s what you need to know.

Did you miss the Insider meeting where we announced the transition to BRIDGE Local?

We have officially changed our name from Lakeland Business Leaders to BRIDGE Local. We’ve changed the name, and we’re changing the way we serve our members. It’s time we bridged the gaps!

You might have a lot of questions about what that means for LBL, what that means for your existing membership, and more. Hopefully, this blog post can answer your questions.

First things first. What does BRIDGE Local mean? 

BRIDGE stands for:


In the past 8 years that we’ve existed in our community as Lakeland Business Leaders, gaining thousands of members in the LBL Forum and gathering hundreds of premium members, we learned a lot. We learned what you need, what you don’t need, what you value, and what you don’t value. We learned about all the business resources available to you in our community and how we can better connect you to them. We learned that our old membership structure in LBL wasn’t the best way to serve you, and after years of toiling and tinkering and experimenting and researching, we figured out a way to support you, our awesome members, even better.

With LBL, our focus was connecting customers with local solutions in real-time. That will continue to be our focus, but we’re stepping up our game. We’re connecting you–the business, the consumer, the local partner–to the resources you need, no matter where they exist in our community, reaching beyond just a Facebook group and networking events.