One piece of advice for entrepreneurs

If you could share one valuable piece of advice with someone that might change their mindset about being an entrepreneur, what would you share?

This is what we asked our beloved BRIDGE Local supporters during our twelfth Co-lab Better Together Mastermind Meeting, meant to help small business owners share their wealth of knowledge with each other so that we can come up with solutions together.

Do something that “winds your crank”

Jared Weggeland with Focus Realty Group starts us off with some solid advice, “Do something that winds your crank. Something you absolutely adore and want to be involved with. Your passion will help you get through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.”

“Andy Stanley defines success as the intersection between talent and passion,” Clarke Freed, The John Maxwell Team chimes in. 

“If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, make sure it’s something you enjoy doing because it makes a world of a difference. Don’t give up on your dreams, it’s worth it in the long run.” – Rosemarie Smith, Island Time Home Living

“If you have a true entrepreneur’s heart, you know you’re a business owner. If you’ve lost your zeal for what you’re doing, find a way to transition.” – Wade Altman, Florida Tech Group, LLC

A solid support system is a MUST!

Reach out to the people who inspired you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Having a support group makes all the difference.” – Tonya Tucker, BRIDGE Local & Maximize Digital Media

“Connect with other professionals to help you with your business.” Clarke Freed, The John Maxwell Team

“My suggestion to my younger self or those starting off would be to try to have a support system who will cheer you on.” – Rosemarie Smith, Island Time Home Living

Seek wisdom and guidance from other people.” – Annie Ortiz, BRIDGE Local & Maximize Digital Media

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

“I’ve wasted many years working for someone else because I thought there was no room for me as a business. Dueling that with imposter syndrome was a challenge. The world needs a special gift that only you can offer. Your experiences are different and the way you handle things are different. If you feel you’re calling, you can’t worry about anyone else and you can’t be so hard on yourself. That’s what got me to start my business. I felt I had something to offer and why not do it?” – Jasmine Decelle, Brand Strategist & Designer at Jasmine Decelle

Own your talent. As a stand alone entrepreneur it’s easy to get that imposter syndrome. In my time at BRIDGE, I’ve met so many entrepreneurs and I’m always impressed with them. Remember what you do, why you do it. You have the talent and skill. Keep on rocking! “ – Jon Camargo, BRIDGE Local & Maximize Digital Media

Entrepreneurship is hard! Don’t give up.

“It’s tough! It’s very hard but don’t let those bad days define it. Push through the bad days. I read a book yesterday that said to focus on gratitude. Focus on what you’re grateful for so the bad things don’t seem so bad.” – Katie Yates, Y Design Co

Opportunity is a double edged sword…You have to be aware that your choices are making a difference… There’s going to be some challenges but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.” – Dianne Kaplan, 1st Priority Staffing

“Being your boss is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. You need to sit down and think about the hours it’s going to take…You have to work yourself in your schedule because if not, you’ll find yourself working for everyone else.” – Gina Bullock, The Pet Nanny Lakeland, LLC

“I work way more hours now for hardly any money compared to what I used to do where I made a lot of money and worked less.” – Lisa Welsh, Vitality Farms Company

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