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Hey, BRIDGE Fam! This is Katie and Jared Yates (of Paragon Cleaning and Y Design Co). You’ve known us for almost 8 years now, and we’ve known you. At the core, ours is a powerful, beautiful community, full of deep passion and care for our town, our small businesses, our families, and each other. It’s in that lovely spirit that we’re coming to you on behalf of one of our dearest friends, Lora Gardner (of Perfect Day Productions), the event coordinator for our BRIDGE events and a dedicated BRIDGE committee member.

As you may have known, Lora successfully battled thyroid cancer in 2017, but now its ugly head has reared again. This time she isn’t just fighting the disease, though, but also her _*!)(&\#%@# insurance company that has repeatedly refused to cover a much needed PET scan that will pinpoint what and where her problem is this time.

So, like a family, we want to rally around Lora, Brian, and their children to express our support and love for them in this difficult season, but — even more tangibly — we’d love to prove the real power and beauty of this community by giving financially to help them pay for this expensive procedure.

Please consider what your family and your business can generously and reasonably do to help one of our own family members this month, especially as we enter this annual season of giving. Thank you!

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